About me.

I thought I would tell you guys a little more about me, I find that, after all, regardless of what your blog is about, work, chat or many other things, its always nice to get to know the real person behind it. So here I am.

My day ALWAYS starts with a cup of tea!

My family (all over the world) are wonderful! And I very much include my friends as my family, along with the furry friends who have been part of our lives for so long.

Contentment is spending time doing not much with my man, and my little monkey of a pup for walks in the country and cuddles.

Photography has always been a big part of my life with my family having had a huge interest in it, going back, my father, and Grandfather. Which only makes it more precious being something we share an affection for.

I love books, there is something so exciting about having a tale and a group of people all wrapped up neatly in this little package you can carry around with you that takes you away to somewhere your imagination helps create! Dont forget that as good as the storywriter is, its your vision that creates the pictures that go with! Genius.

Ive been told that my view on the world is a little wonky! I see things my own way, and I dont think its a bad thing in the slightest but by starting Atelier-Y Photography Im hoping I can share some of my way of seeing things with you all. Ideally I would like to bring something a little fantastic to every image I create for people and this is what I aspire to, images that share a tale, but hold a sense of calm and reverie.

Before starting Atelier-Y Photography I founded Wonder Hill Market, which operates as providing a platform for new – local – designer makers, artists, crafters and vintage collectors to showcase and sell their work. This project was born of frustration that its so hard to find affordable ways to do this in London having gone through other, expensive, avenues myself with my own creations. Over the last 2 years the project has grown wonderfully and I value my WH family massively for the community that they have created and for the smiles and true sense of fun they bring to each event.

Im a crafter! I love creating, making and collecting and I have always, always had busy fingers which developed after I realised that as a child I was happiest with a pencil in my paw!

Ok so I think perhaps thats enough about me for one day! Id really like to get to know some of you a bit more, so drop me a line, and let me know what you think of my work, I enjoy every second of it. x

Claim your daydream.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” ― Carl Sagan
I believe its good to dream, to hold ambition, I think its what makes us, what separates us and what creates futures and paths for us. Today Im dedicating myself to embracing that. It can be as grey or overcast outside as it likes, but inside, Im busy creating my warm, bright world. This makes me smile!
I often wonder how people see their own treasured photographs, once they are in frames or placed within your home. And I would like to say just this, these moments belong to you, the magic is simply only captured by us from something that already exists. You are the one holding the magic, you are the one that is creating a moment, a memory, an heirloom, and for me, being there to capture it is witnessing something wonderful happening.
So next time you see an image in a frame that perhaps you see everyday, or pass as you dust over it, stop for a while, and remember just what it is you hold within you. And smile! x